Drake and Taylor Swift Probably Not Dating, Internet Goes Wild Anyway

Gossip columns: Drake and Taylor Swift are dating

Meanwhile Drake like: «She ain’t even washed her hair today, I can smell it»

Drake and Taylor Swift Probably Not Dating

Are Taylor Swift and Drake dating? The answer seems to be no, barring the release of some not-at-all-staged paparazzi shots of the two stealing kisses in Rhode Island and/or Canada. Sure, Drake introduced Taylor to his mom at his 30th birthday party this week, but TMZ claims that’s as far as it went, and don’t plenty of moms want to meet Taylor Swift? Implausibility aside, the internet’s been doing mental backflips (and in come cases, dry heaves) in reaction to a possible Taylor-Drake coupledom — because can you imagine?

Actually, we can. Taylor and Drake both became two of the best-selling artists in modern pop history through two main approaches, in arguably equal measure: Expertly crafted songs that often sell highly relatable, if at times toxic and wrongheaded, concepts on love and relationships, and a canny knowledge of how to use social media to launch memes, win friends and influence people.
Both artists delight in blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives to bolster interest in their music, and their fame. Like many musicians, Taylor’s drawn inspiration from her exes; unlike them, she’s left a trail of breadcrumbs about it for her fans via secret messages in her liner notes. Drake feeds his fans just enough information about his rumored love interests to keep them fervently following the storyline and parsing lyrics for clues; during the 2016 MTV VMAs he encroached on frequent collaborator/possible girlfriend Rihanna’s Vanguard Award acceptance by presenting it in a tux, telling her he loved her, and generally looking like a nervously lovesick kid on prom night.

Taylor and Drake also employ similar strategies in publicly dealing with those they feel wronged them. Drake’s shaded literally dozens of women for perceived slights over the course of several albums, and excelled in the time-honored art of the rap diss track during his feud with Meek Mill; to champion these songs is to be both a fan of his music and a passive member of Team Drake. Taylor rallied her famous friends on screen and her fans at home against a common enemy (*coughKatyPerrycough*) in “Bad Blood,” and blasted a rival (thought to be Camilla Belle) in Joe Jonas-related breakup anthem “Better Than Revenge.” Even if D+T never date, they could easily unleash an exquisite, unprecedentedly-petty collaboration against a common enemy in the future — a “Give It To Me” for our times, if you will.
Though they’re certainly cut from the same creativity-cloth, and despite a report from Page Six that Drake and Tay “were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing” at his party on October 23, a romantic matchup is still the wispiest of rumors. That hasn’t stopped anyone from sharing their thoughts on the prospect, however. Check out some reactions to the Drake and Taylor rumors below.
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